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Posted by on Nov 13, 2013 in News | 0 comments

A Day on the Gorge

A great day on the Columbia Gorge. Tim had just moved to his new retreat home and took some of the team for a spin on the boat. You can’t see Kellie because she is up front hanging on for dear life. Which is why the guys are smiling. One thing we learned on this great day is to “Take A Break.” We run hard, work hard and never stop to enjoy the simple things in life. Kellie commented that those few hours was like a full vacation. “I was transported to the land of just having a good time”, says Kellie. What a concept.

Being Healthier also means you need balance to release the stress in your life.  Thank you to Tim for giving the team a much needed day of  just being humans and enjoying the beautiful scenery.

Tim Loy, President, Tony Machado, Director of Sales – Industrial, Darryl Anderson – Mallory Procurement Solutions, and Rob Siegel – Director ENSA – Work-at-Height-Safety Rescue Training.


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