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Posted by on Nov 14, 2013 in Happier, Pets | 0 comments

The Whole Kit and Kaboodle

Kit and Kaboodle

Hello from Kit and Kaboodle Hoffmeister. We know, we are just about as cute as it gets but we can’t help it, we are beagle puppies.

We are older now but wanted to show you our puppy pictures because we know this will make you smile. We arrived on the scene together, sister puppies from the same litter. My sister Kit (The Red one) really is the leader but I try very hard to hold my own. Sometimes I lose it because Kit gives me “the eye”.  Than I turn into cry-baby boo boo. Which is why they call me Boo boo. We are the whole kit and kaboodle. Mom says we relieve major stress in her life.  Well except when we destroy something she really likes. But than we just tilt our head and stare into her eyes. She is finished and often we get a treat. We have her wrapped.

Kit and Kaboodle like all family pets love unconditionally and with those beagle eyes they can pretty much do anything.

Kit and Boo Boo live in Wisconsin with Mallory’s Director of Marketing, Kellie Hoffmeister.

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