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What’s Working For You?

The purpose of this newsletter is to help us connect with each other and create a community that values health and safety. Of course, we are doing that every day at every location, already. We’ve already heard from Tisha in Portland, but she isn’t the only one getting fit. Haben Woldu has given up soda and is drinking decaf tea and water instead. Jack Anderson in Portland and Karen Ferraro in Seattle take walks everyday. Kellie Hoffmeister has taken up the challenge to get healthy in Wisconsin, as well. She has been educating herself about healthy eating and making better choices.

Different things work for different people. There are many online tools to help motivate you, create workouts for your and help you track your eating and exercise. A good free program is SparkPeople. When exercisers track their progress they tend to see better results. Join Spark People to help reach your individual goals and join the Mallory Spark Team to participate in our team goals. Teams can be found under the Community tab. Search for Mallory and join our team!

Let us know what is working for you. Click here and fill out our online form.

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