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Posted by on May 1, 2014 in Employee Spotlight | 0 comments

George Kind

George Kind

George Kind is our featured Employee this month. George lives in Portland, Oregon with his family and came to Mallory 2011 after working at Durametal for 22 years. George has experienced a few set-backs in his life, but his adaptability and positive attitude have proven to be valuable assets. George is known as a team player. To learn what scares a Ranger, and learn a little more about George, read on.

Best job/Worst job: Best: Paramedic, Ranger, Football wide receiver. Worst: Coal Miner, since I like every job I have had!

Favorite place to live: Lake Tahoe, NV. or Sisters, Or.

Motto or Personal Mantra: Commitment/Teamwork = Adapt & Overcome = Win/Win = Trust/Loyalty!

I’m happiest when: Spoiling Grand-Kids & returning to mom & dad! Christmas-time! When everyone I know is healthy & happy!

What I fear most: Big brown or black Spiders, (o ideas, you know who you are), being in an airliner headed down without a parachute.

I’m proudest of: My two daughters & 4 Grand-Kids. Improvement/Savings/Growth achieved my 22 yrs @ Durametal, (last 13 as Mfg Operations Mgr), exceeding customer expectations and assisting them to meet/exceed their Mfg goals. Marine Corp yrs/Sp. Frcs Training, My Integrity & being careful not to jeopardize it!

Favorite sports or pastimes: Football, golf, hunting, fishing, visiting/exploring historic places!

The Top 3 Highlights of my Life: Birth of my daughters, still alive & kicking after everything I’ve done/been through!

People would be surprised to know: I still choke when called out unexpectedly in a classroom/seminar. (Been like that since 1st grade), College psychology & communication courses, Mgmt courses/Seminars, Dale Carnegie, 10+ years of outside sales, & I survive it now, but it still gets me.

If I could do it all over again, I would: Do it all over again with two exceptions: 1) Not have the Knee injury that ended any chance of a career catching footballs. 2) Not pull out in front of that train! (Was a private crossing in/out of Durametal facility. It was dark/Raining one night, I had driven over those tracks +/- 10K times by that evening! I had just paid off my new Bronco & had just purchased a new radar detector, (one that talked!), witness says I was coasting and the train was going faster than his 30mph speed limit. Anyway, last thing I remember is detector saying: “Be careful, slow-down?”

Favorite Memory: I seriously have tons. To pick one? I’d say 1970 school year! We went Totally Undefeated in every sport! Never lost a game/Meet all Year, & I also went steady with cutest girl/cheerleader in school! Ah, it was a great year!

Favorite song, movie, book, or comedian: Songs: Bad to the Bone, Ditty About Jack & Diane, Any Beach Boy song. Movie: Taken, A Few Good Men. Book: Where the Red Fern Grows, Comedian: This guy dressed as Charlie Chaplin working the crowd @ a Knotts Berry Farm Show.

Best Vacation: Alaskan Cruise, Taking kids to all the amusement parks in Calif. 1st time.

Before I die, I would like to: Live awhile longer!

Goals for the coming year: Finally buy a motorcycle several customers/friends have waited years for me to do it. Take a week-long vacation, (it’s been 10 years, since Durametal days), Continue to keep my Customers on the Leading Edge of Safety, Quality, Technology, and Total Cost Effectiveness and continue earning their Trust & Loyalty!

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