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Kidde UL 711A Kitchen Fire Extinguisher

This is a story of how something as routine as cooking a meal can potentially turn into a very bad day.

Warning: Don’t try this yourself. Stupidity alert!

When Kellie Hoffmeister was much younger  and clearly had no clue as to how to cook, she was making a very nice meal for her brand-new hubby Todd. Note: Grease and Wine were involved.

Little did she know that when you add wine to a pan full of grease you may have a small explosion. Remember young and stupid are the operative words here.

WOOSH… up went the fire from the pan. Quickly the fire jumped into the above cupboard and began traveling along the ceiling and heading for the curtains. “Todd, Todd, help, help. I have a fire in the kitchen.”, screams Kellie.

Todd runs in, takes one look at the scene and LEAVES.  Seconds seem like minutes as Kellie waits for her fearless husband to return. No Todd. Where is he? She peers into the living room to find Todd looking intently at the fire extinguisher found in the hallway of our apartment complex.

“Todd, what are you doing, I need that extinguisher, quick., yells Kellie. Todd replies, I am reading how to work this thing. The pin is not pulling.

No time to waste, Kellie grabbed the pan and threw into the sink. Not without injury and not without having the flames nearly getting to the curtains the fire is still going. Kellie throws water on the flame and the fire is out.

Now, Todd did the right thing. He grabbed the extinguisher but what he discovered are two very important things.

  1. They were not trained on how to use the extinguisher.
  2. They  did not inspect the extinguisher. The handle trigger had been secured with a tie-wrap that held the tag. In a panic and emergency we were not sure how to break that tie-wrap or even how the heck this thing should work. Todd encountered the trigger being locked in place and this created seconds of confusion.

What we learned on this day was if in the event of a fire, we did not have an action plan, we did not have any concept of how to use the fire extinguisher and they did not have a plan on escape if Kellie burned down the building.

With the holiday’s coming, home safety should be priority. Your family and friends will be in your house and accidents do happen. Kellie didn’t plan on starting a fire, she was just inexperienced and WOOSH, life changes.

Take the time to review your Fire Prevention Program In Your Home. Do these few simple steps to keep your family, friends and pets safe.

  1. Get a fire extinguisher. If used in the kitchen, buy the twin-pack from Kidde. Small and simply to use. Put in multiple areas of your home and train your family on their locations.
  2. Get a fire extinguisher for your garage. (Another story from Kellie where her neighbor burned down his brand new house when working in the garage.) Solvents and propane don’t mix.
  3. Have a family meeting and practice your emergency response plan.
  4. If a two-story house purchase a Kidde window ladder. Fits right under the bed. Train your family as to how to deploy.

    Kidde 2-Story Escape Ladder Model # 468093

    Kidde 2-Story Escape Ladder Model # 468093

  5. Have a plan on where to regroup outside if a fire should occur.
  6. Talk about a pet plan. In an emergency, you want to know what to do if Kitty and Puppy are at risk.
  7. Go to this website and learn about Fire Safety in the Home. FIEF_vert_color

What was the outcome of Kellie’s Kitchen Fire Fiasco. Well, she closed up the kitchen for two-years, never to step foot in the area again. New paint and re-sanding of cabinets restored the kitchen, but Kellie was permanently affected by this event. She never cooks with grease (ever) and the wine bottle stays on the table. Life’s little lessons.

Please submit your stories about Home Safety or Lessons Learned so Mallory Minute can inform other Team Members of how to create a Safer homeplace and workplace.

Mallory Safety & Supply has an employee Fire Extinguisher Purchase Program Details to follow. Contact Marketing@ to obtain details in the meantime.

 Tips from FEMA and NFPA on Fire Safety In the Home:

Recipe Card for Download

Hang this Poster In the Workplace Lunchroom

Register for Fire is Everyone’s Fight - Get access to community events, materials and more.

Download a Home Fire Prevention Plan and Review with Your Family

Download a Checklist of Home Fire Presentation Safety Guidelines and Products

Download NFPA Cooking Safely

Ideas for Kitchen Fire Extinguishers

firstalert 5 pack

First Alert 5-B:C Kitchen Fire Extinguisher (4-Pack)Model – DKITCHEN5


First Alert Tundra Fire Extinguisher Spray (2-Pack) – Model # AF400-2

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