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Posted by on Mar 27, 2014 in More Productive, News | 0 comments

Looking at Pictures of Kittens Increases Productivity

I Can Haz Productivity?

April Fool’s, or Not?

A recent article in the Washington Post reported on a Japanese study that tested productivity and accuracy after looking at a variety of pictures. Students participating in the study performed best after looking at pictures of baby animals. Other trials included looking at pleasant food, human babies and adult animals, but something about baby animals, in particular, lead to better performance at a Japanese game similar to Operation.

Does this mean you should spend hours of your work day looking at funny cat videos? Not likely, but maybe you should take a peek at our Mallory Pets, or post a picture of your pet. Who knows, it might give you a productivity boost!

If you have ideas about productivity at Mallory or future productivity article ideas, please submit your ideas to us at or reach out to the Mallory PIT Crew at

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