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Posted by on Jan 2, 2014 in More Productive, News | 0 comments

Mallory PIT Crew


Process Improvement Team is Tackling Productivity at Mallory

Improving productivity is something we are all chasing, but many of us don’t take the time to identify a problem and solve it. This is where the Mallory Safety and Supply Process Improvement Team, or PIT Crew, comes in. This group of employees meets regularly to discuss areas of improvement throughout the company and then works on fixing them. The PIT crew is Kim Nobriga, Lorene Simmons, Brian Loy, Maria Ciccarelli, Carrie Sawvel, Brady Salter and Silvia Yee.

Recently, the PIT crew took on Customer Service processing and helped streamline the purchasing by updating the order entry screen to show Customer Service Reps if an item is a stock item or a special order Item on the front screen, rather than having to click through or go back and forth between screens. CSRs can now more efficiently decide what they need to do to help the customer. For example, CSRs can make informed recommendations to customers about switching to a stock item, ordering in case quantities or making a Special Order. This reduces purchasing time because Purchasing no longer has to go back to the CSR and tell them that it is a non-stock and can only be purchased in case quantities. Previously, CSRs would complete the order and let the items go to backorder, because it was not easy to research the status. This back and forth between Customer Service and Purchasing was slowing down the process for the customer.

In this case, as in many, internal process improvements ultimately benefit the customer, which is our first goal. But they can also lead to greater job satisfaction for employees. The PIT identified the needs of both the Customer Service Reps and Purchasing Department and helped resolve an ongoing issue. Clear communication is often a key element in process improvement and if everyone has easy access to the information they need, people feel more satisfied with their ability to perform at a higher level, which leads to a sense of accomplishment and team work. Mallory Minute will continue to follow the work of the PIT crew and keep you posted. The team is currently working on coming up with a way to capture more inbound freight on special order items and a new process to make sure AP knows when we should or shouldn’t be paying freight on Purchase Orders. Most importantly, the PIT is documenting all our current processes. According to Lorene, “we are finding, as we document, all the ways people are doing the processes differently and trying to come up with the strongest and best process for all to do it the same.” If you have a process that needs the PIT Crew’s attention, post it in the comments here or reach out directly to Lorene Simmons

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