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Posted by on Sep 10, 2014 in Employee Spotlight | 0 comments

Mindy Adams


Mindy Adams, is our featured employee this month. A native of Iowa, she is now living in Portland and enjoys walking to work. Mindy is a WSU grad and is pretty passionate about human resources and the pursuit of happiness.

Family/Inhabitants at my residence: My boyfriend, Chris

Start date and current position with Mallory: August 6th 2014/ HR Manager

What I like best about working for Mallory: Definitely the culture, everyone I have interacted with is friendly, helpful and invested in the success of Mallory.

Best job/Worst job: The best job is of course working at Mallory! Previously I really enjoyed working in the HR department at SSOE Group, an engineering firm. It was my first time working directly in a HR department and I had the privilege to work with brilliant individuals who mentored me and encouraged me to follow my passion and think creatively.
Worst would have to be at the age of 17, I was a sign holder for new manufactured homes during winter. I had to stand on the street corner in the cold waving a huge sign for eight hours a day with the wind trying to blow the sign out of my hand. Luckily it was a temporary/seasonal job.

Favorite place to live: Portland, OR.

Motto or Personal Mantra: Happiness comes to those who seek it.

I’m happiest when: I am with my family and friends. When you are around those you love it is an amazing feeling.

What I fear most: A spider crawling in my mouth while sleeping. When I was a little girl my brother told me that every person swallows seven spiders in their lifetime. I have no clue if this is true but I am terrified of waking up with spider in my mouth.

I’m proudest of: Graduating from Washington State University with Honors.

Favorite sports or pastimes: I have always enjoyed attending sporting events. It can be basketball, football, soccer, hockey or even softball. A small embarrassing fact about me is during my freshman year of high school I was a cheerleader.

People would be surprised to know: I grew up in Blencoe, IA a small farming town with a population of around 200 people.

If I could do it all over again, I would: Start listening to my parents at a younger age. They actually knew what they were talking about when I was growing up.

Favorite Memory: Growing up I remember the 4th of July being a magical time and getting excited about the fireworks. It was also my grandpa’s birthday and he would always say that the fireworks were for him. Now that my grandpa is no longer with us, I still get to celebrate his birthday every year.

Favorite song, movie, book, or comedian: I have a fairly eclectic taste in music. A few months ago I was introduced to an artist called Hudson Mohawke who has a song called Chimes. I guess it would be considered electronic music but is great to listen to when cleaning the house or working out.

Best Vacation: Traveling across the country on a road trip with my family from Portland, OR to Galveston, TX.

Before I die, I would like to: Spend a month in South Africa volunteering for Habitat for Humanity building houses.

Goals for the coming year (work or personal or both): Personally, I would like to make it off the bunny hill when snowboarding this winter. Professionally, to serve the needs of Mallory by providing resources to employees and to strategically analyzing the value that HR can bring to the organization as a whole.

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