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Posted by on Jan 2, 2014 in News, Safer, Safety with Barry | 0 comments

Safety with Barry – Feeling Lucky?


That was steely eyed detective “Dirty Harry” Callahan’s question to the unsavory bad guy in movie. If I remember correctly, the bad guy took his chance and found out that “Dirty Harry” did have one more bullet after all. So, when it comes to Safety, ask yourself if you are feeling lucky.

How many chances do you take before your luck runs out?

  • I don’t need eye protection
  • I can stack that one higher
  • Ground plugs, electrical, are a luxury
  • The guard on the grinder just gets in the way
  • I’m not going to fall

Most accidents result from individuals performing an “Unsafe Act”

  • Securing a load takes too long and I’m not going that far anyway
  • I really should be trained on this, but it will be “OK” just this once

Eventually your luck will run out, so what do you do? The answer is simple. Stop and say… ”No”, “Nope”, “Whoa”, “Now just a minute here” or “Hold on thar!” Don’t count on luck to keep you safe.

All Mallory employees have a responsibility to stop someone from performing an unsafe act, not just the “Safety Guy”.

If an unsafe act or a condition is noted that creates an imminent danger of serious injury, take immediate steps to stop the act or condition. Report the situation and do not allow work to continue.

FYI, did you know all of this information may be found in Mallory Safety and Supply Health and Safety Manual? If not, shoot me an email and I will personally make sure you get a copy! Go ahead make my day!

Stay Safe My Friends

Your Humble Servant
Barry Morris

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