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Posted by on Feb 27, 2014 in News, Safer, Safety with Barry | 0 comments

Safety with Barry – Ice Ice Crazy


Ok, so I realize that by the time this goes to print that the “Ice Events” will probably have come and gone and the only thing left to discuss is that nasty eye infection Bob Costas tried to soldier through during Winter Olympics on T.V. However, the topic of slips and trips is just too good to pass up; this month’s article practically writes itself with the exception of some audible cartoon noises.

From Seattle to Atlanta and from Lake Superior to Houston it seems that everyone is getting a good dose of “Old man winter.” What is troublesome is that for some reason, we humans believe that our cat like reflexes will somehow allow us to defy the laws of gravity, when we slip, and keep us from making contact with frozen “Mother Earth” Well folks that is wrong.

Case in point, last week I am in South West Texas providing some ENSA rescue training, I brought the cold weather with me from South Dakota and I felt that 22 degrees was quite warm however, the local populace felt the new ice age had begun.

As I made my way to the parking lot to start the ice covered rental car, I noticed a nice lady with a pitcher of hot water heading to her car. It never occurred to me that this nice lady was going to “De-Ice” her windshield with this “Hot Water” however, that exactly what she did. So my inner voice kicks in and says “Huh bet she’s going to regret that” and I merrily went about scraping my windshield with my room key.

After scraping my rental car windows, I headed to the lobby to warm up and grab a cup of Joe for the road. As I was heading in, here comes that nice lady with a steaming hot cup of coffee heading gleefully to her Bob Sled!

Now, here is where my inner Safety Ninja should have kicked in. Remember the “Huh bet she’s going regret that” assessment earlier? Yep folks, we have the makings for a disaster here and events are in motion.

In my mind I thought, “Hey, you better remind that nice lady of what happens to water when it freezes and to be careful as she passed by.” Unfortunately before I could utter a word, the nice lady was performing a triple Axel, triple Lutz combination that I am sure if she would have landed would have scored very high with Olympic figure skating judges!

Good news is she was OK and not too much worse for wear. The event is a good reminder to us all that we should take a minute and assess our little part of our world (dynamic assessment) and determine if we really need to be doing what we are doing. The nice lady never saw it coming!

Stay Safe My Friends
Your Humble Servant
Barry Morris

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