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Posted by on Jan 29, 2014 in News, Safer, Safety with Barry | 0 comments

Safety with Barry – The 12th Man


Watching the NFC Championship game this weekend I have to admit the crowd at CenturyLink was impressive! I can only imagine the sound that 72,000 fanatic Seahawk’s fans can create! I’m sure the 49ers would tell you that the sound was noise or rather, “unwanted sound.” Either way the crowd noise was a factor in the results!

Here at Mallory, Safety is our “12th Man.” Creating a safe work environment for ourselves and our customers touches everything we do and makes a big difference in our outcomes. While the subject of hearing conservation is probably not at the top of your must read list for 2014, let’s take a “Minute” (pun intended) to consider the subject, because hearing protection is important.

For years I’ve been telling folks; “Hey if it is loud, chances are you probably need some form of hearing protection.”

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) states; “Employers must provide hearing protectors to all workers exposed to 8-hour TWA noise levels of 85 decibels (dB) or above. This requirement ensures that employees have access to protectors before they experience any hearing loss.”

The American Academy of Audiology has rated some common noises:

  • Leaves Rustling = 20 dB
  • Normal conversation = 60 dB
  • Alarm Clock = 80 dB
  • Lawn Mowers and Power tools = 90 dB
  • MP3 Player (Max) = 100 dB
  • Sporting Event and Concerts = 110 dB
  • Fireworks and Gun Shots = 140 dB

According to OSHA; “Noise-induced hearing loss can be temporary or permanent. Temporary hearing loss results from short-term exposures to noise, with normal hearing returning after period of rest. Generally, prolonged exposure to high noise levels, over a period of time, gradually causes permanent damage.”

So listen up or lending me your ear, whether it is at work or at home! Take a “Minute” to protect your hearing. If you’re at work and believe noise is a hazard, please contact me. We will get an assessment and the get appropriate level protection and training completed.

Now what you listen to is up to you! For example, perhaps a “Seahawk” defensive back post-game interview… Mute… Who was that guy?

Stay Safe My Friends
Your Humble Servant
Barry Morris

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