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Posted by on Sep 10, 2014 in Letter from the Editor | 0 comments

September Letter from the Editor

iStock_000005517221SmallWe have two articles from guest writers this week. Tim Loy shares his first thoughts on a program to increase safety awareness at Mallory in his article, “Safety is Our Mission: Avoiding the Perfect Storm.” Tony Machado weighs in on productivity by asking us to pay attention to the signs in, “What is the Canary Telling You?

I am a walker and I always have been. Other forms of exercise have come and gone, but walking is something I hope to enjoy for the rest of my life, which is one of the things that I love about it. When I have had a serious problem to solve, walking has been a great way to clear my head or talk it out. This month we have an article about “Walking at Work,” that can inspire you to take a stroll this fall.

Interestingly, spiders came up twice in this month’s edition of the Mallory Minute – in very different ways. Check out our Employee Spotlight and Safety with Barry and you’ll know what I mean.

Be safe and productive, take a walk, and watch out for spiders…

We are now including a PDF version of the Mallory Minute so that you can print it and post it if you are working in the warehouse or other areas where reading at your computer is difficult.


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