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Posted by on Nov 18, 2013 in Healthier, News | 0 comments

The Power of Habit

Easter 2013

Back in March I was having dinner with two of the sweetest guys in the company. Of course we were eating at one of those trendy restauranst in Portland and the subject came up on forming new habits. If you have not read “The Power of Habit”, you should. Amazing.

Anyways, these guys (Tim Loy and Rob Siegel), said with encouragement and care that maybe I should look into finding ways to reduce my stress. This all the while I am stuffing my face with Ravioli.

I took these words to heart literally as I realized that heart disease is the leading killer in women “my age”.

Here I am with two completely fit guys and I said “Game On”.

November 2013

How am I doing. Well, for those who see me from time-to-time, you tell me. All I can say is I feel great, my eating has changed totally and I no longer have those fat pants in the closet.

My inflammation is down which leads to heart disease and I am wearing cute clothes.

Goal in site.

Thanks Tim and Rob, your encouragement and challenge saved me!

Kellie Hoffmeister

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